Visionary Young Artist Production

The Program

Of training and creation projects, 12-24 weeks per session; each production crew is made up of 10+ young student artists; they can also participate in the production’s crowd fundraising. Young artists (students) take charge and credit for production functions: 

  • Director’s Group: story, screenplay, storyboard, production design, characters, talent selection. 
  • Producer’s Group: budget, finance, casting, presales and rights, distribution 
  • Artistic Creation: art design, cinematography, shooting crew, visual effect, sound and music 
  • Shooting Administration location and scenes, sets, lighting, props, site equipment, materials and site managing 
  • Performing Art: live cast and voices dubs 
  • Shooting: camera operation, motion and position movement and data tracks, stunts and special effects 
  • Post Production & Previz: editing, CG scenes and characters, sound-mix and music, colour grading, visual effect production 
  • Business Administration: distribution, exhibition, network streaming, international distribution, IP trades, derived theme products, merchandise placement.

Campus Productions

  • Campus Films are developed starting from creative development upon school-optioned original stories or scripts.
  • US-China film and visual media industrial pioneers: Dr. Leon Y. Xiao and Maestri John Hughes are Executive Directors. Then Directed by Hollywood veteran filmmakers. 
  • Film and Series Productions are targeted to mainstream international channels, domestic and local exhibitions, and then entered into world regions for film festivals and contests.
  • Venue Productions: contracted visual design and productions of visual media shows. Deliverables to community or commercial clients.

Student Benefits

Experienced veteran artists will guide students, inside an industrial environment, for entering the industry. 

Multi-national ethnic culture themes, presenting at international film/TV festivals and promotional venues. 

Producing high-quality, commercial-grade works, trade creative designs and derived theme products. Industrial credits, such as

Earn credits and train-on-job sessions toward completing MTM College major.  

Joint Content Programs

  • Hughes Films PEK, Ltd. has co-founded a program in Nanking: 100 World Classic Short Literature Adaptation into China stories. 
  • Visionary Young Artist Production 101 is sponsored development by a Visionary Group’s proprietary creations of various media programs.
  • John Hughes & Han Zhaoqi’s Kingdom Era China period franchised AR Stage program development.
  • BON IO Distribution’s 6+1 Film Development and Historic Imigratio and Ethnic Culture programs. 
  • China-international Super Hero IP creation and production.