Visionary Education Group Visit to IU Campus Interurban Campus

Camosun Participants

Geoff Wilmshurst, VP Partnerships

Deborah Huelscher, VP Administration

Ian Tol, Executive Director Facilities Services and Campus Development

Nicole Kemp, Director Campus Planning and Capital Projects

Niya Liu, Regional Manager Camosun International

Lane Trotter, President

Mr. Gary Morrison, Capital Decisions



Hon. Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts Culture and Sport MLA, Saanich South

Mrs. Pauline Zhou, CEO, Visionary Education Group

Mr. John Kuhn, COO, Visionary Education Group

Mr. Jin Lou, Chief Education Engineer, Visionary Education Group

Michael Goodwin, Film Consultant

Kathleen Gilbert, Vancouver Island South Film Commissioner


On March 29, 2023 Visionary Education Group paid a visit to Camosun College in Victoria. Camosun provided an overview of their progress on the studio land development and timelines going forward. Camosun presented a summary of the points to be covered in the MoU between Camosun and Visionary and an outline of the areas Camosun suggests Visionary cover in RFP. Visionary Education Group also introduced their MTM College. The two parties had a very productive day and Ms. Fan Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, “We are very pleased to be selected by Camosun College to move to the next stage of discussions around the development of a film studio on their campus. It reflects our effort to continue our growth plan to collaborate with colleges and create more academic opportunities for students. This will help fulfill our mission to broaden access to the multicultural education system of Canada and facilitate the achievement of students’ full potential.”

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