Visionary Academy

Visionary Academy

Visionary High School was established in 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, and certified by the Ministry of Education. With its sister school in Vancouver, the combined schools have over  10,000 students, both teaching on-campus and online . Qualified students receive high school diplomas from both Ontario and British Columbia.   The schools all have  IELTS testing capability. 


International collaborations exist with 12 of China’s major high schools for continuing education and accumulated rich international experiences. The school’s treatments of students are individualized or in small groups. They can tailor to each student, optimizing a student’s capacity and talents, for choice and enrollment to the best college. The schools have complete facilities, providing a variety of class formats. 


The schools routinely arrange for students to participate in social activities and field trips, making students blend in to Canadian local culture and traditions while improving their English.

The schools arrange for educational advisors to individually help a student design their academic careers. This is in order to enable students to get better prepared, and more efficiently organized with some research skills. 


The schools hold winter and summer camps, field adventure camps, famous-school tours, and IELTS preparation, all in order to provide comprehensive knowledge learning. 


Faculty teams with doctoral degrees and special teaching licenses have long experiences in teaching modalities in all scientific disciplines in multicultural environments.  They understand that China and Canada’s in-depth cultures are different,  and are able to uniquely create bilateral harmony in cultural differences, attracting children of local mainstream societies.


Many of the school’s graduates were able to enter Canada’s top universities as well as world-class universities in the USA and worldwide. Eighty percent of graduates have successfully enrolled in world-class colleges and universities; 40% graduated received fellowships from the universities that they entered, including the  University of Toronto, McGill University, Western University, Waterloo, Vancouver, York,  Edinburgh, and Queen’s University.