Innovation Center


The base includes three major sectors

New energy and new materials

1  To reduce carbon emission goal by 40% in 2030

In order to cooperate with the implementation of the Canadian government’s new energy strategic goals, actively respond to and implement various Canadian new energy policies, and contribute to Canada’s 2030 carbon emission reduction goal of 40%.

At present, Visionary Group intends to sign a contract with a new energy technology company to create the first in Canada and the world’s leading cutting-edge green energy technology. This technology will fill a gap in Canada.

Dr. Chen Shixiong founded New Energy Technologies LLC in 1992, and has obtained 40 patents and more than 160 patent certificates. The efficiency of the wave generator OWC is much higher than those designed by Germany’s Siemens and Japan’s Mitsubishi. The energy conversion efficiency of small wind power generation is higher than 55%, ranking first in the world.

2 Build an advantageous position in the global new energy field


Negotiating with the world’s No. 8 new energy battery company, such as the introduction of its power battery manufacturing, large-scale grid energy storage and innovative mobile energy storage and other projects. This will help Canada to have an advantageous position and layout in the global new energy power battery and energy storage industry chain.


Gotion was established in May 2006 and listed in Shenzhen, China, with German Volkswagen as its controlling shareholder. The main products are lithium iron phosphate materials and batteries, ternary materials and batteries, power battery packs, battery management systems and energy storage battery packs. As of the end of September 2022, Gotion’s cumulative applications, there are 6053 patents, and the patented technology mainly covers the four main materials of the battery, the structure design of the battery, the processing technology of the battery and Equipment, BMS, PACK, testing and evaluation, dismantling and recycling, and energy storage, etc. The patent layout covers the whole industry chain technology of batteries.


By the end of September 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of Gotion power batteries

The volume reached 9.9GWh, a year-on-year increase of 149.5%, ranking No. 8 in the world. In China, it is second only to the Ningde era, BYD and China Innovation Aviation.

Biomedicine and general health

1 Mission and Vision


Our team of world class experts is committed to commercializing consultation, manufacturing, distributing the best medical instruments and nutrition products, personal health improvement and protective equipment to Canada, the United States and other countries and regions.

2 Objective

By 2025, to become the premier supplier in North America for the commercializing consultation, production, distribution and importation of medical devices and personal protective equipment.

3 Business Scope

Digital technology and artificial intelligence


Digital technology and AI enable virtual film and television production to  radiate the art market globally. Create a world-class, and Canada’s first film, television and new media technology center in Toronto along with eastern and western Canada, the center will be located in Technology Innovation Park which was invested and established by VEDU.


Potential Opportunity


Canada is becoming the most attractive film shooting base in the world. Hollywood’s big movies are coming to Canada to shoot films, because of the low-cost operation and manpower here


Current problems:




VEDU has introduced 4-5 successful Hollywood film production and technology companies, and built a joint venture called Visionary Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and has accumulated modern and trendy digital visual media technologies, and to create a vertically integrated industry chain with  training- innovation -production, along with new film industry and supply chain cluster, and become a local ecological enterprise in Canada


Near future: 


Canada will rapidly grow into a world class film and television creator and producer,  compete with Bollywood and keep pace with Hollywood. Under this goal, The uniqueness of VEDU lies in its diversified world cultural content and digital technology and AI.