Education Service & Management

Canada ranks as the fourth most popular destination for international students after the United States, United Kingdom, and China. According to Statistics Canada, in the school year 2018-2019, revenue of universities and degree-granting colleges reached more than $31.8 billion by 2020. We believe significant potential for growth exists in the post-secondary education service industry in Canada.

We provide educational services that include immigration and study visa services, student housing, career guidance, internship, and entrepreneurship guidance. While we started in the real estate development business, it has used the profits from those activities to acquire a number of private, government licensed education operations and is transitioning into private education and ancillary services as its main business segment.

Visionary Education Services and Management Inc., or VESM. VESM provides Canada study visa and immigration visa services, and internship and job placement services for international students through two wholly owned subsidiaries:

Visionary Study Abroad and Immigration Services Inc. —Visionary Study Abroad and Immigration Services Inc., or Visionary Immigration, provides Canada study visa and immigration visa services. Visionary Immigration was organized as Glorious Future Study Abroad, and Immigration Group Inc. in February 2020 and we acquired it and changed the name to Visionary Immigration in June 2021.

Farvision Human Resource Service Company Inc. —Farvision Human Resource Service Company Inc., or Farvision HR, acts as a human resource agent and provides career and internship recommendations for international students. Farvision HR was organized as Pridemax International Human Resources Service Inc. in June 2014, and we acquired it and changed the name to Farvision HR in June 2021.