(远见集团(新加坡)控股集团有限公司新加坡办公楼 Visionary Group (Singapore) Holding Group Inc. Office site in Singapore )

Visionary Group (Singapore)Holding Group Inc.

Visionary Group (VEDU), as Canada’s first education technology group listed in the United States, is currently entering a stage of rapid development. According to corporate group Strategic Layout Requirements and board meeting decision , it was agreed to decide to register and establish Visionary Group (Singapore) Holding Group Co., Ltd. in Singapore.

Singapore Company positioning:

Visionary Group (Singapore) Holding Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the global business deployment and development of non-Chinese countries and regions, focusing on countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the Indo-Pacific region.

Company business scope:

  1. Education
  2. International media
  3. Industrial park base
  4. Biomedical health
  5. Digital technology
  6. Capital empowers industries, empowers enterprises, and facilitates listing.

Through the layout and business strengthening in the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions, it can become the group’s new growth engine in the future.