Canada Olympic University (Initiation)


Canada is a beautiful-scenery and rich-in-culture nation. It is for seven times named as The Nation of the Best Suitable to Living. Canada’s national education, social freedom, live quality and market economy have been listed on top among world nations and regions. In the meantime, Canada is a sport country, especially winter games are the strongest. In the world Canada hosted an Olympic Games, twice Winter Olympic Games, a World College Games, three times Pan-American Games, four times UK Games, a World Field and Track Games, and 1 World Swimming Champion Games. Total three times. 

Canada offers the best public and private education system in the world. It has the world-class universities, middle schools, primary schools. The nation offers 12-year public education free of charge to citizens. Presently, Canadian college educations covers 45% of population, as a world pioneer. Canada’s college education is appraised very high, diplomas are recognized by many nations.

Hosting Olympic Games is a large-scale, multi-culture, sophisticated, professional expertise operation. In multiple disciplines, Games involve logistics, transportation, registration, tourism, event and venue, technology and supply, etc. Talents and high-skill personnel, are highly in-demand. Visionary Group is partnered with Beijing Association for the Promotion of Olympics Related Culture, establishing Canada Olympic University.


Canada Olympic University is dedicated to training talents of Olympic Games and its industry.


The university totally occupies 176 acres’ land, planned building space of 1 million square feet.

The main campus is at Toronto 95-105 Moatfield Dr, North York, 10 acres, 400,000 square feet building space.


Also in Ontario, 0 Jubilee Island, Otonabee-South Monaghan and the nearby 733 County Road 2 Rd. , Otonabee-South Monaghan, has 166 acres of land, planned building space is 1,600,000 square feet.


Building and operating the world-class modern-technology athlete university, will become the cradle of Olympic sports, also be the most appropriated home for retired champions and sports professionals.


Visionary Group planned to upgrade the 30-year-tradition animation art college as the start point, to expand and build out the Olympic University. Therefore, we expand the capacity quickly achieve first enrollment of bachelor and master degree students in 2024/25 academic year. Most students are international, majoring sports, game/league management and pop arts.


Olympic University signed MOU of Collaboration, agreed to co-establish World Double First-class (first-class universities and disciplines ranked among the best in the world) degree, research and achievement conversion programs. Promote Canada-China, Economic and Educational Collaboration and exchanges, and for Tsinghua University to send students overseas.


Olympic University’s faculty are from various research disciplines of administration, sport history, philosophy, art, also include sport journalism and athlete-coaching experts, most professors are in Canada, some from US, UK, China, Italy, Spain, French and Austria.


Also be the most important faculty source is renowned athletes, after they retire, they can teach in the University, this helps passing successful experiences, as well help their post-glory employment. 


According Ontario Ministry of Colleges and University’s requirements, relating to Olympic Committee’s guidelines, as well market demands. We organize experts to author curriculums, recording by MCU and Olympic Committee. 

Olympic International Highschool (Initiation)

Visionary Group will found Olympic Academies (high schools), under the Olympic University, to form continuing sport education. Global enrollment, partnered with Beijing Olympic would build 25 Olympic International Academies in China, with Beijing Association for the Promotion of Olympics Related Culture.