Virtual Production

Edu-Production Ecosystem

MTM Edu-Production are built within an organic ecosystem of its own, from school art foundation to industry practices, all in very practical career education manners:

Foundation Art

Max The Mutt offered 26 years of credible curriculums of Animation, Concept Art, and Sequential Arts. These 3 Art School majors are foundations of further curriculum development, under Visionary Group’s new ownership and administration -toward populating the education coverage to wider and deeper industrial career education in Canada and worldwide.

Film/TV, especially Network Series

Visionary Education Group, as an owner of MTM College’s creations and facilities, enables the integration of education, creation, production, and distribution.

Visual Effects

Based on Max The Mutt’s traditional fine-art foundation, we also extend the college curriculum with full courses in Motion Picture Visual Effect design flow (categorized as Visual Effect Pipeline), as another new major.

New Media Applications

New Media (categorized as Visual Communications) and Virtual Production, as 2 college majors are clear and present industrial shortages of properly trained talents. We identified them as an expansion of curriculums of the former Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art, and Designs.

Venues, especially New Media Showcases

Motion Graphics, has already taken 20% of high-skill human-resource from the mainstream visual communication job market; Typically New Media showcases include:

  • Motion Graphics Show and Architecture Projection Mapping: growing into very trendy visual venues and public events;
  • Immersive Mixed Reality Experiences, have been populated in theme park rides and commercial-entertainment complexes);
  • Game-Engine enabled scene transformation, applied in pioneer virtual film-shooting stages;  
  • Virtual Character Development is the popular tool and methodology for virtual network-influencer creations;
  • VR Interfaces of Internet’s Human-Machine Vision Interfaces, the Internet 3.0, or a Metaverse concept.