Corporate Profile

Visionary Holdings Inc. was founded in Toronto in 2013. Its IPO is on NASDAQ (GV) in May, 2022, becomes the first Canadian enterprise IPO in USA as an education-technology industry compound. Visionary operates under the business model of “merger, integration, and innovation,” has evolved over the years into a multinational conglomerate with an industrial chain ecosystem spanning high technology, life sciences, artificial intelligence education, and academic education. Among these, the biochip sector has filled a void in Canada, while Visionary stands as the largest service provider in artificial intelligence education within the country. In the future, Visionary is committed to becoming an internationally renowned industrial conglomerate, integrating “technology, capital, platform, and brand” on a global scale.   


Over the past decade, Visionary has actively participated in social welfare activities to give back to society. We have cumulatively donated over 1 million Canadian dollars in cash and goods to support education and community development initiatives. Visionary has 100+ full-time and part-time staffs, 100% bachelor’s degree or above. Doctor’s degree accounting for 10% , master’s degree accounting for more than 50%.


One received Peace Prize of the Chinese Association of the UN and the Education Excellence Award of the UN International Collaboration Agency.


Three received Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medals.   Visionary owns over 150 self-developed patents and holds 4 educational and office buildings in the prime area of downtown Toronto, totaling nearly 15 acres. Two of these buildings are landmark structures with a combined area of approximately 600,000 square feet. GV’s total assets now exceed 300 million Canadian dollars, encompassing both tangible and intangible assets.


In order to drive global economic development and fulfill its social mission, Visionary actively collaborates with world-renowned institutions to continuously enhance its core competitive value. Partnering with the International Academy of Education (IAE), an institution with centuries of history, Visionary has established the International Academy of Education Industry-Education Institute. This institute is responsible for globally integrating talent development in industry, academia, and research, promoting mutual advancement between education and industry, optimizing international education and outcome conversion incubation mechanisms, and constructing a high-end, cutting-edge, and internationalized platform for intelligent exchange and cooperation, not only for Canada but also for the world.


Simultaneously, Visionary collaborates with global innovation centers to establish the Canadian Center of the Global Innovation Center, aiming to drive the development of Canada’s innovation economy. Its main activities include innovation and entrepreneurship technology parks, international science and technology parks and international incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship academies, as well as outcomes and typical cases.

Visionary Headquarter Base
The Prime Miniter met the core management team of Visionary Holdings Inc.