Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc.

Deeply rooted in the rich educational resources of Canada, Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc. (VEDU) provides high-quality education and related services to its customers across the globe. Since it was founded in 2013, VEDU has educated tens of thousands of students, helping them build a solid academic foundation for successful personal development. The VEDU Board of Directors is led by Dr. Tom Traves, a former Chairman of AUCC – Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and a former president of Dalhousie University. The VEDU board members include Dr. Peter Milliken, a former Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons; Dr. Colin Dodds, a former president of Saint Mary’s University; Mr. Kenneth Chan, who has a long experience  in international education; Dr. Zaiyi Liao, a tenured professor at Ryerson University; and Dr. Haipeng Xie, a well-established Canadian expert in AI and robotics. VEDU is located in Toronto and owns educational services properties over 160,000 square feet. VEDU has now become one of the largest private education providers in North America.

Our current businesses are organized into three clusters: Credential-oriented Education, Vocational Education, and Education Services, as described below. The three lines of business are inter-beneficial. We operate Education Services to support our students enrolled in both the credential-oriented and the vocational education programs. Such support includes study visa and immigration visa services, student housing, job placement, and funding.

These businesses are run through VEDU’s 12 affiliates, including Farvision Education Group Inc., Visionary Education Services & Management Inc., Visionary Study Abroad and Immigration Services Inc., Farvision Human Resource Service Company Inc., NeoCanaan Investment Corp., Canada Animation Industry Group Inc., Farvision Development Group Inc., Toronto eSchool Inc., Toronto Art Academy Inc., Lowell Academy, Conbridge College of Business and Technology, Princeton Career Education Group Inc. Most notably, Max the Mutt is a famous animation school. “The Rookies” has ranked Max the Mutt 1st in North America and 3rd worldwide for Digital Illustration, for their 2017 School of the Year Official World Rankings. list Max the Mutt as the Top Animation School in Canada in 2021. Conbridge College of Business and Technology is a well-known private college with a focus on engineering.

With personalized pedagogical approaches and teaching methods empowered by integrating the latest technologies such as AI and VR/AR with conventional education, VEDU has educated students to be fully competent in problem-solving in an increasingly challenging environment. This innovative education has dramatically enhanced students’ learning productivity, reduced the cost of study, and enriched their learning experiences through more interactive activities. Additionally, VEDU has continuously invested in developing innovative teaching methods and elective courses addressing challenging issues, encouraging and guiding students to participate in high-level of international competitions.

In addition to academic achievement, VEDU has also put forth great effort to give back to society. Over the  years, VEDU has made more than 1,000,000 CAD in donations to a broad range of charities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, VG has actively participated in various fighting-the-virus events and has donated 50,000 CAD worth of cash and PPE. These contributions have been recognized and praised by all three levels of the Canadian government.

Our Strategy


Education is the driving force of human progress. Our vision is to ensure that students succeed through academic achievement and community engagement.


Our mission is to broaden access to the multicultural education system of Canada through advanced management and technological innovation and to facilitate the achievement of a student’s full potential regardless of social or immigration status.


Honesty, Justice, Inclusion, Respect, Responsibility


Create a publicly listed educational company that is a comprehensive ecosystem guided by expertise, social responsibility and diverse cultural heritage.