Visionary Holdings Inc., as a platform, amalgamated key strategic Canada ‘s education resources. The schools established and have operated through 30 years, including high-schools, universities and career colleges and artificial intelligence education, Visionary has become the largest artificial intelligence education service provider in Canada, with its products sold in over 30 countries worldwide.   


Visionary has a professional educational team that taught ten thousands of students and trainees, and made foundational advances for their career entries. Currently the students are over one thousand, it has established itself as the largest private education group in Canada.    

To implement the Visionary Group’s educational transformation to innovative research and developments, improves production in industries, Visionary has established strategic collaborations with various sectors in Canada. We improve the skill set of art students and their creativity and generally create an optimal environment where students thrive. The Visionary Group will also assist the student in finding suitable positions.


Visionary provides students with a modern technological environment for practicing and hands-on experience. Here at Visionary, education benefits from the process of creation-production- integration that stimulates income and credits to support students. In the field of international vocational education, we provide popular online course products. In all of these aspects, we are establishing Canada’s first high-tech professional talent industrial education platform, providing a realistic environment for the development of the education industry and talent cultivation.