Visionary Education Technology Group, as a platform, amalgamated key strategic Canadian educational resources. The schools established and have operated through 30 years, including high-schools, universities and career colleges, with a professional educational team that taught thousands of students and trainees, and made foundational advances for their career entries. Currently, the students are over one thousand. Visionary Group possesses 20+ acres of land and more than 60 thousand square-feet of teaching facilities space. It has established itself as the largest private education group in Canada. 

To implement the Vision Group’s educational transformation to innovative research and developments, improved production in industries, Vision Group has developed strategic alliances with the Financial Community, Government at the provincial and federal level and industry at large in North America. We improve the skill set of art students and their creativity, elevate engineering students’ technical development and generally create an optimal environment where students thrive. In the case of the Virtual Production Center and Innovation Technology Park, students will generally become employed prior to graduation. The Visionary Group will also assist the student in finding suitable positions as we will be running commercial programs.

Great emphasis is placed on tradition, retaining mainstream initiatives, and building out a modern technological environment for students to practice and to produce commercial-class visual contents. 

Here at Visionary Group, education benefits are derived from the process of creation-production-distribution and integration that stimulates income and credits to support students, as well to generate profits to satisfy our investors and patrons. In short, Visionary Group has developed a promising roadmap of rapid development and implementation.