Virtual Production

Corporate Entity

The Edu-Production Fusion is hosted by Visionary Digital Technology Group, Inc. which is a partnership joint venture among 5+ parties:

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, Inc. 
  • hosted 2 previous years of operation of the entity, the parent group of MTM College
  • owner of the home facility at 95, Moatfield Drive, North York, ON
  • initial round investor in development and construction
Internet Film & TV Media Administration Office North America (iMedia North America)
  • China Communication Industry Association
  • China marketing partner in professional in high-skill trainings, online and offline classes with certificates, diploma and credits.
  • Overseas continuing education, train talents with advanced international skills for China domestic industry.
  • Fundraising for the vendure 
East BlueSky Media, Ltd. (Beijing)

China visual media productions

BON IO Distribution, LLC (Los Angeles) 
  • Virtual production technology and engineering, to contract and license. 
  • Visual media content creation, design, producing and distribution
  • Virtual Production & Visual Communication (MTM College majors) curriculums and teaching
John Hughes Film Tech PEK, Ltd. (Beijing)

Asia virtual production

Yet to come joining the group: John Hughes Institute, etc. 

Visual Effect (an MTM College major) curriculums and teaching.