Visionary Bamboo Cloud Education

Technology is changing people’s learning methods. Visionary Holdings Inc. actively develops technology education and builds a world-class personalized cloud education platform. In cooperation with Singapore Bamboo System Technology Pte Ltd, we have developed the ” Visionary Bamboo Cloud Education Platform”, providing leading online learning cloud platform solutions for educational institutions in North America and around the world.

The Visionary Bamboo Cloud Education Platform is a new generation of learning management platform based on the cloud software service (SaaS) model. Based on the latest internet and cloud computing technologies, it helps enterprises, schools, and universities build an integrated and easily scalable learning ecosystem, achieve educational digital transformation, and is characterized by the core concepts of collaboration and sharing, large-scale learning, personalized demands, and a complete learning ecosystem.

The Visionary Bamboo Cloud Education Classroom provides a fast implementation, convenient use, and fully functional online solution, offering comprehensive teaching tools and functions, supporting educators in helping schools and teachers quickly transition to online teaching, and reducing teaching costs.

Advantages of the ” Visionary Bamboo Cloud Education Platform”:

  • Fast customization and development with high development efficiency
  • The widest range of industry application areas, with many successful cases in markets such as higher education and enterprise training.
  • Has good educational content, brand, and platform partners in Southeast Asia