Abinopharm is a professional brand in the pharmaceutical and health industry, based on the latest science, guided by patients’ demand, carefully developed health supplements, strictly follow the US FDA regulations to control product quality, and cooperate with the best health care products’ research and development (CRO) and production (CMO) companies in the United States, in order to provide one-stop services of development, from raw material procurement, production, approval, packaging, transportation and marketing.


Aimed at “Beauty from Within”, Abinopharm has developed more than 20 anti-aging health supplement products, widely sold in the United States, China, Southeast Asia and other countries worldwide. 


Abinopharm has become one of the biggest suppliers of health API products to “Wholly You” and “AbinoNutra”. At the same time, Abinopharm has cooperated with a number of companies in the United States specializing in other health products to develop science-based functional cosmetics, functional foods, health equipment and other health related products.