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Visionary Holdings Inc. was founded in Toronto in 2013. Its IPO is on NASDAQ (GV) in May, 2022, becomes the first Canadian enterprise IPO in USA as an education-technology industry compound. Visionary operates under the business model of “merger, integration, and innovation,” has evolved over the years into a multinational conglomerate with an industrial chain ecosystem spanning high technology, life sciences, artificial intelligence education, and academic education. Among these, the biochip sector has filled a void in Canada, while Visionary stands as the largest service provider in artificial intelligence education within the country. In the future, Visionary is committed to becoming an internationally renowned industrial conglomerate, integrating “technology, capital, platform, and brand” on a global scale.   

Visionary Holdings Inc., as a platform, amalgamated key strategic Canada ‘s education resources. The schools established and have operated through 30 years, including high-schools, universities and career colleges and artificial intelligence education, Visionary has become the largest artificial intelligence education service provider in Canada, with its products sold in over 30 countries worldwide.   


Visionary and Farnova Holdings Group have intension to cooperate in establishing a factory in Toronto, becoming the first Canadian manufacturer of independent brand new energy vehicles, thus filling a gap in Canada’s automotive market. 


Life Sciences

In recent years, life science industry has developed enormously, which has become a new frontier in the global economy. The entire sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. With the innovation, Visionary proactively approaches to development, in order to enhance international competitiveness, maximize shareholder value, and make greater contributions to human progress, Visionary has partnered with a world-class life science institution and successfully entered the forefront of this industry.  


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Founded in 2013 by a group of renowned educators, Visionary Holdings Inc.(GV) is now a provider for comprehensive education programs, education services, and advanced education technologies.

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