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Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, Inc. is a Toronto based public company (GV) engaged in full scale education and state-of-arts technology. Visionary Group is comprised of 1 national technology invention industry park, 2 higher education institutes, and 3 international high schools.  GV‘s subsidiary MTM College has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving visual entertainment industry nearly 30 years, upholding its established reputation as an excellent training ground for students aspiring to enter the future job market with the higher-order skills of critical thinking and problem solving. Visionary Group equipped its 5 office locations zoned in education and business, totally 20 acres of lots, up to 600,000 square feet of indoor facilities, to support upscaling and industry-institution partnerships to bridge the education-to-workforce gap. The mission of the GV is to create an ecosystem to integrate education, science and technology innovated by professional knowledge, social responsibility and cultural diversity.

Visionary Education Technology Group, as a platform, amalgamated key strategic Canadian educational resources. The schools established and have operated through 30 years, including high-schools, universities and career colleges, with a professional educational team that taught thousands of students and trainees, and made foundational advances for their career entries. Currently, the students are over one thousand. Visionary Group possesses 20+ acres of land and more than 60 thousand square-feet of teaching facilities space. It has established itself as the largest private education group in Canada. 

The complete Production Function is at GV’s headquarters, located at 95, Moatfield Drive, North York. The total workspace of the building has 5-story + 3 basement level, 3,000 sqft each floor. In 2023/24 Phase-I, built out and grand opening: teaching facility for 600 students/faculty, and production/venue facility for 2,000 daily in-and-out.

Turning education achievement to technologies and productivity, we materialize an integration of education, research and production, for helping young to be employed in critical roles or to startup. This is in synergy with Canada’s national agenda, to gather more technology entities among tech competitions worldwide, as well North American IPOs.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology and the strengthening of the concept of wellness, particularly in the COVID-19 pandemic, global attention and emphasis on health has reached an unprecedented high. The global wellness industry has also experienced rapid development and has become a new global hotspot and economic growth point. 

The largest smart logistic storage facility in Toronto. For students in Logistics major, it provides opportunities of train-on-job and employment. In the meantime, the facility estimated 100 million CAD annual revenue from its practical international industrial operations.

The Visionary Students and Immigration Center is a Canadian domestic business unit of Visionary Group. It is dedicated to provide professional services such as student visa and Canadian immigration by its team advisors who are licensed by Canada immigration services (RCICs). A full service not only for student visa, but also for tourist visa, work permit, spouse sponsorship and express entry.

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Founded in 2013 by a group of renowned educators, Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc .(GV) is now a provider for comprehensive education programs, education services, and advanced education technologies.

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